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Pubblicato in - Amicizia & Amore & MAGIC & MATRIMONIO & Rapporto di coppia il 11/08/2020 0 Commenti

In this article I talk about how men are smarter to get married and they do it for interests. I’m talking about those men who wish European citizenship. Coming from countries like Egypt etc, they often use their seduction to make the woman believe things that are not true. To achieve their objective they will be very fake and will play an fake part; but when the purpose such as money or marriages is achieved, they will they will make life hell and generally return to their culture and the beautiful fairy will end and the woman who will remain used and cheated.

In my video on Youtube: COACHING AND ESOTERICISM WORLD, entitled: Who is more devil if woman or man, I rally some experiences and I communicate them in this video. I’m talking about the experiences of European women with Egyptians who have take away their children from mother.

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