In this article I write what I observe and what many Italians observe. Here I speak only about Italy because it is the place where I have always lived. To write one needs courage and the capacity for general analysis of a socio-political situation. Living in the West we are free to read, write or speak anything. Obviously we can talk freely because in part we pay our freedom of speech. But how is it possible that we pay a right of which we have been so proud since the French revolution? In practice because there are many specific laws in Italy. In particular I’m referring to the civil laws like divorce, custody of children, road discipline etc. To make an example: about road safety there are heavy fines also for trivial errors, and if you try to make an appeal, generally this appeal is never won; so after that we are forced to pay double the fine to abolish the penalty. In practice they try to deceive us that we have the right of appeal (and therefore that there is the right to objection), but actually the doubling of the fine represents a threat to the citizen that afterwards is scared to protest. This is the sad situation lived by the Italians who pay many taxes and who have honestly done everything and not like some crafty people, often from the high social classes, who have registered their belongings to other companies or others to not be caught. There is an obvious punishment in paying double, in fact you dare to request an appeal to the judge but you should not have requested it. I only stop to this detailed example to not extend this article.
They say that there is justice in courthouses and that they should solve problems and also make things right in various situations. But if you don’t have a good lawyer, (and the lawyer costs a lot in Italy), you don’t won in the tribunal. To get a public defender, you need to be very poor, and among other things, the public one is a miracle if an Italian finds it good and available. Here I am talking about the civil lawsuits sector, and not the criminal one that is always held up by the defense office if there are poor people. We have the right to vote for our politicians, but when a person wants something that doesn’t mean that everyone wants them and therefore an opinion does not make a thousand opinions. Those in power at the moment go up in power and there are often government crises that often create the fall of the government. This leads to instability and chaos. So in short we take the worst of the dictatorship, as we often cannot have healthy justice and almost perennial government instability. In Italy this is called: THEATER OF POLITICS. In Italy many people have ended up on a street to live or have
committed suicide because they have close activities or businesses or because of fines by the tax office and these people have not withstood psychologically the injustice felt within themselves. There is no protection for the people who have fell into it, because the right is established by the state and not by your personal need. And if the state establishes it, it is better that you make the sign of the cross hoping for a Divine rescue.

But dear people we always have the right to speak and write obviously; paying for this under a form not clear but which the smart minds observe. Long live a true democracy that does not exist and never will exist in my opinion in Italy, as the honest people deserve. But here the honest ones are the ones who will surely pay.


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